Spiders have your front porch and siding looking mummified?

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Pressure Washing


For Ranch homes under 3000 square feet I charge a flat rate of $90 for a detergent wash and rinse. Houses larger than that and two story homes are on a case by case basis but you can be sure it will be reasonable.

I offer lite-duty pressure washing to clear away the dirt, grime, and debris that builds up over the years.


I only offer this service to single story homes or two stories where the second level siding is accessible from the roof. While I have the equipment and extension wands to wash up to 24 feet high, you may have noticed on the 'about me' page that I'm all of 135 pounds. With the extension wand fully extended the leverage created is monstorous. Watching me trying to wield that thing is nothing short of comical. It's as if a 200 pound marlin were at the end of my fishing line and I'm at it's mercy. I'm reminded of an episode of Frasier (my favorite sitcom) in which Niles struggles with a fire extinguisher... See the video below. (the part I'm reffering to is at 5:40 but I recommend the whole bit, it's genius:)