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Let me handle it. With a myriad of tools and my familiarity with the ladder, I can do this dangerous and dirty job quickly and efficiently. I dig or blow out all the debris, snake the downspouts, flush the whole system and haul away the leftovers. Pricing is simple as long as your home is under 5000 square feet and is as follows:

Ranch style home: $85

2 story: $115

2 story with walkout basement: $135

Don't suffer Al's fate (cheesy slapstick warning!)

Gutter Cleaning

As fall approaches it's important that your gutters be clear of debris and running smoothly. Clogs and backed-up downspouts can result in overflow, spilling water next to your home's foundation. As temperatures drop icicles become another problem, don't be impaled by falling frozen water! Who wants to meet their end like frosty the vampire?