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"What If I just want the outsides done?"

No problem. If you'd rather do your own interior windows and just leave the more dangerous and difficult work to me, that's fine. Obviously, the price is discounted accordingly but keep in mind, the outside is really where I earn my keep so it won't be significantly more for me to do the insides as well. Save yourself the headache and the time. After all, you have a window cleaner at your house.

A Note on weather

Living in beautiful Colorado we have so many days of sunshine that weather isn't often a factor. Even when it does rain, it usually isn't prolonged or sufficiently heavy enough to keep me from doing the job. If it's torrential or the lightning is threatening me and my 24-foot ladder then a rescheduling can be worked out. The rain itself really doesn't affect the cleanliness of your windows, it's the blowing dust, dirt, and the sky's little bomb droppers that are the main culprits. A spring shower will have minimal effect on the end product. As far as temperature, I work into the holiday season and am used to a little chill but once it gets to freezing, my water can literally ice up on your window. I don't know about you but scraping my car windows in the morning isn't high on my list of favorite things so my general rule is; if the day's high isn't above 40 I reschedule.


If you'd like to speak with some homeowners whom I've worked for, I have some willing customers, just text or call for their contact information. You can also take a look at this third party review site by clicking the link: