How to Prepare for Your Appointment

On the day of your appointment, we will arrive in the allotted time slot (which almost without exception is a 1-hour window) with a bucket in hand and ready to go. In the doorway, 'indoor only' shoes or shoe covers will be worn to prevent tracking any unwanted guests in. Typically we will start on the inside of the house first. I'll need either a kitchen or utility sink to fill my bucket up with hot water. An invoice that is payable at the end of the job by check, cash, credit card will be emailed to you before the end of your appointment.

For exterior cleaning, we routinely make use of a specialized window cleaning tool called a water-fed pole. This system uses purified water to clean your exterior windows. During the process, we will scrub the window and frame with a brush to loosen any dirt on the surface. Then the window is rinsed with highly purified water. The water will remain on the glass as it dries, but this is not ordinary water. Since it has had all its impurities removed in the purification process, it will dry totally spot-free! (So no need to worry if your windows look wet while we're cleaning, it's all part of the process.)

When finished, it may or may not be necessary to go back through the interior to pop screens back in. That's it! Send us off with a handshake and call when mother nature deposits her grace on your windows again (most folks have us out once or twice per year). We strive to make your experience a pleasant and unobtrusive one and so appreciate repeat business.

What to Expect

Hi, I'm Ryan, the owner-operator of Does Do Windows. I've been improving the view for local home owners since 2005. What started out as seasonal work for me all those summers ago has turned into an occupation that I've not only become proficient at, but also come to love. The quiet and peaceful nature of the work, the changing scenery, the people (and dogs) I meet and the homes they welcome me into. It's a privilege to step into rooms that, sometimes, no one else sees and I treat them with the utmost care. My job is satisfying in the way that only cleaning is. I step back and view the difference my work has made, and when the job is done, it's done. It would be my pleasure to be invited to work for you and it's my goal to be invited back.


Generally, there isn't much you need to do to prepare for your service. If you have any small, delicate objects on window sills, it's helpful if you can move them out of harm's way. We do aim to be exceedingly careful in your home, but no need to tempt fate!

• Move small and delicate objects away from windows

• Please make sure there is a clear pathway to windows

• Generally, there's no need to move furniture

• If your back or side yard is locked, please make sure to unlock it

• We love dogs. However, if you have any reason to think your pup may not do well with strangers, please plan to put them outside or in a different room while we work.

• Give us a heads up if you know of any issues with a particular window, shade, etc.

If you have a specific question or would like to make special accommodations, let us know, and we would be happy to accommodate.

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